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UK teenager scoops World Drone Prix Final prize

World Drone Prix Final

This has the sniff of the future about it. E-sports are already establishing themselves and here comes the Drones, with the first World Drone Prix. The 2016 event has just been held in Dubai, with a prize pool totalling a huge $1 million. It certainly looks dramamtic. Check out the promotional veideo below, and then the video footage of one ...

Cambits modular camera kit gets in the picture

Makoto Odamaki and professor Shree Nayar examine Cambits 
Photo by Timothy Lee Photographers via Columbia University

Engineers at the computer vision lab of the US Columbia University have developed a five-component modular camera kit, dubbed Cambits. They were devised by computer science professor Shree Nayar, with Makoto Odamaki, a visiting scientist from Ricoh Corporation. Their five types of component are colour coded in brightly coloured 3D printed plastic cases and can be assembled (and reassembled) to create cameras equipped ...