Expert analysis of electronics-related legislation and compliance requirements, such as RoHS, REACH and WEEE, from industry expert Gary Nevison of Farnell.

Expert Analysis Of Legislations In The Electronics Market

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Why Get an ISO 9001 Quality Standard – What’s it mean to the customer?

The fact that a company states (presumably truthfully) that they have ISO 9001 Quality standard means that they have business management systems in place, focused on customer satisfaction, that address their quality controls.

So what?

Well, this is a way of demonstrating that they have the appropriate business systems installed…

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Electronic Equipment conference attracts industry leading speakers

November 13th and 14th see’s the prestigious “Electrical and Electronic Equipment and the Environment 2013” conference return to London, this year at the Hilton London, Heathrow Airport Terminal  4. This is the 15th such conference hosted by ERA Technology.

This is without doubt one of the most beneficial conferences…

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250 responses to WEEE consultation

BIS has pushed reporting on the responses to the UK WEEE consultation back a few weeks.

It was originally planned for around August 16 but due the significant number of industry responses this will now be delayed.

Gary Nevison, Directive Decoder…

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Consultancy to note from Oxford Quality Centre

One to note. The Oxford Quality Centre is a national provider of consultancy advice based on the skills of over 80 consultants around the UK, focusing on the installation, auditing and running of business management standards. These include ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environment and OHSAS 18001 Health & Safety…

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USB and Ethernet cables

The RoHS FAQs make it clear that in general finished cables (e.g. terminated not just simple cable on a reel) are in scope and that data cables are Category 3 or 4. So the CE mark should be applied to USB and Ethernet cables. Cables specifically intended for a…

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Spare parts for category 9

Here we address a popular question in respect of spare parts under the RoHS Recast Directive.

Spare parts for category 9 equipment are covered by Article 4.4 d and e. These spare parts will not need to comply if used to repair EEE that was placed on the market…

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