Latest Tech News About Norwegian PoHS Legislations

Norwegian PoHS update

In May 2007 the Norwegian Control Authority (SFT) opened up to stakeholder consultation a proposal that recommended a ban on 18 hazardous substances in consumer products, the so called PoHS, or Prohibition of Hazardous Substances. They received over a hundred replies both national and international. Having considered the responses the…

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Update on Norwegian "PoHS"

Norway has proposed to restrict 18 substances in anything intended for “consumers” or products that can reasonably be expected to be used by them. This includes such as clothing, bags, toys etc but does not apply to food products, food packaging, medical equipment, fertilisers, tobacco as well as means of…

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"Super" RoHS on its way?

Norway has served notice that it intends to prohibit, with a few exemptions, 18 substances from consumer goods in Norway. Called the Prohibition on Certain Hazardous Substances in Consumer Products this could well be referred to as “PoHS” due to the passing resemblance to RoHS. The legislation will only apply…

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