Latest Tech News & Analysis On Raspberry Pi Compliances

The myth rumbles on

Product is only a component if placed on the market for further production or integration in to a finished EEE product. Raspberry Pi is finished equipment, end of debate! If in doubt, ask the authorities. Directive Decoder…

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Raspberry Pi - the road to compliance

“You need to consider it is a finished product because it is sold to end-users who use it as a complete and finished product. The lack of an enclosure does not mean it is not finished. Most European Union Member States (Enforcement Authorities) regard plug-in PCBs for PCs…

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RPi Class A and B

In response to recent questions here is so more information around compliance aspects of the Raspberry Pi uncased Model B. The board underwent EMC testing which enables one to discern if it should be classed A or B. From pre-compliance testing (RPi) it was evident that the board would…

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The Pi is ready

So, amid great excitement, the Raspberry Pi Model B – uncased version completed vigorous compliance tests late last week and the first products were finally despatched in the last few days. The safety information sheet refers to compliance with EMC (Class A) CE, FCC, C-tick, WEEE, ESD and China. The…

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