Expert analysis of electronics-related legislation and compliance requirements, such as RoHS, REACH and WEEE, from industry expert Gary Nevison of Farnell.

Latest Tech News About Recycling & E-waste

Obama driving e-waste reform

 On November 15, 2010, President Obama issued a presidential proclamation on electronics recycling, announcing that he was creating an Interagency Task Force of agencies within the federal government “to prepare a national strategy for responsible electronics stewardship, including improvements to Federal procedures for managing electronic products.”    He also said he…

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Illegal shipments of e-waste

The Panorama programme on Monday evening (UK) once again highlighted the subject of the illegal shipping of e-waste. In November 2008 the “60 Minutes” news programme in the US looked at the same story and nearly had the footage confiscated. Nothing seems to have happened in the meantime. I…

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Battery collection rate on the rise

Figures published by the Environment Agency show that the proportion of waste batteries collected for recycling in the UK rose from 9.15% in the first quarter of 2010 to 16.15% in the subsequent quarter. The UK is therefore on track to achieve its first interim target to collect…

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New EU WEEE proposals

A study published by the European Commission recommends the creation of a dedicated European body to oversee the implementation and enforcement of European Union waste law. This forms part of a series of steps being taken by the EC to improve waste management and ensure it meets the requirements set…

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Retailers offer battery collection points

Three supermarket giants have signed up to battery compliance schemes to meet both their producer and retail obligations on portable batteries. Tesco, ASDA and Morrison’s have joined the BatteryBack scheme which is jointly run by Leeds based WasteCare and waste management company Veolia ES…

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Need recycling and disposal help?

Are you looking for a recycler / disposal company to help you and your business, but don’t know where to turn? Research consulting company Oakdene Hollins, experts in economic waste management, re-manufacturing and re-use has put together the attached list of companies that offer a wide range of…

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WEEE does impact the EDE

The WEEE directive requires 10 categories of electrical equipment to be collected, treated, recycled and disposed of when it reaches end of life. The directive sets targets for the percentages of materials that must be recovered and includes a list (in Annex II) of parts that have to be removed…

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Looking for a recycler / disposal company?

Are you looking for a company to take care of disposal and / or recycling but don’t know where to turn? If it’s WEEE, battery or lighting specialists, or simply obsolete products then click here for a total solution. Directive Decoder…

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