Latest Tech News About Recycling & E-waste

New EU WEEE proposals

A study published by the European Commission recommends the creation of a dedicated European body to oversee the implementation and enforcement of European Union waste law. This forms part of a series of steps being taken by the EC to improve waste management and ensure it meets the requirements set…

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WEEE does impact the EDE

The WEEE directive requires 10 categories of electrical equipment to be collected, treated, recycled and disposed of when it reaches end of life. The directive sets targets for the percentages of materials that must be recovered and includes a list (in Annex II) of parts that have to be removed…

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Burning over an open fire

Europe now finds itself in the centre of the contentious issue of so called “backyard recycling”. Organohalogen compounds are, in general, non hazardous but a ban is being considered in an attempt to prevent uncontrolled and unsafe recycling practices that are carried out in India, China and Africa. The fact…

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Slot machine pays out every time!

Norwegian company TOMRA are rolling out their Automated Recycling Centres (ARCs) around the world. According to TOMRA, their machines are able to recognise and sort different materials, such as bottles and cans, and efficiently condense them in size. The state-of-the art ARC is based on cutting-edge material…

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