Latest Tech News About RoHS CE Mark

Open PCB can be "finished equipment"

Unless you have been on holiday on another planet no doubt you will be aware of the popular debate on whether or not an open PCB, with no case, can be considered finished equipment. Product can be considered finished if it is sold to end-users who use it as…

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RoHS CE - what certificate when?

The RoHS Recast Directive 2011/65/EU includes new obligations around CE marking. In a nutshell a Declaration-of-Conformity (DoC) is required for products in scope. Generally that would refer to finished equipment and the format of the DoC is outlined in Annex 6 of the Directive. Components, as…

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RoHS CE mark-a worried industry

The RoHS Recast Directive 2011/65/EU contains new CE mark obligations and a standard format, in Annex 6, for a new Declaration of Conformity for “finished goods”. Looking at my mail box the CE mark obligations are already causing industry some concern. In the UK, NMO is aware and…

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CE mark-who is responsible?

The manufacturer of a product is responsible for ensuring its compliance with European Directives irrespective of whether the manufacturer is located within, or outside, the European Union (authorised representative’s may be appointed). For the manufacturer, importer or entity first placing the product on the EU market CE marking is…

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Impact of RoHS CE mark on opto manufacturing

It is looking likely that RoHS will become a “CE Mark Directive” over the next couple of years. This could have a massive, resource sapping, impact on manufacturers, importers and distributors, regardless of size. Here we look at, in particular, how it will impact the manufacturer.   As a caveat to…

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