Oko confirm 10 new RoHS exemptions

The Oko Institut recently published its report on 18 new RoHS exemption requests to be added to the RoHS Recast 2011/65/EU.

The final version of their report was published in December amending that of September.

The majority of the requests were made by trade bodies representing the “phase-in” product areas of medical (category 8) and monitoring and control (category 9) sectors that will fall within scope from July 2014 onwards.

Oko has recommended to the European Commission that 10 of the 18 requests be adopted and be published as amendments to Annex III of the Directive although, in all but one case, a rewording of the exemption has been suggested to ensure it works as planned.

Of the 10 exemptions 9 relate to lead and the other to cadmium.

Of the 8 exemptions that were not recommended then 5 were withdrawn and the other 3 modified for future consideration.

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