Recycling targets for WEEE

The Council of The European Union has adopted a directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment which aims to improve collection, re-use and recycling of used electronic devices so as to contribute to the overall reduction of waste as well as the more efficient use of resources.

It aims to improve the environmental performance of producers, distributors and consumers and, thankfully, looks to limit the illegal exports of e-waste to the developing world.

 Four years after the entry into force of the present directive, member states must collect 45% of the average weight of EEE they place on the market annually. Three years later the target collection rate rises to 65%.

The directive also establishes producer responsibility as a means of encouraging design and production of EEE which also considers its repair, upgrading, re-use, disassembly and recycling. It also provides for the collection, at certain retail shops, of very small WEEE free of charge to end-users.

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