Analysis and comment on all matters pertaining to the supply chain and distribution of electronics components from Richard Wilson, editor of Electronics Weekly.


You can buy the new Siemens PLC from RS

RS will be selling the Micro-SPS Simatic S7-1200 programmable logic controller (PLC) from Siemens in October.

This product will replace the supplier’s Simatic S7-200 programmable logic controller (PLC) which is to be discontinued.

The S7-1200 features an integrated Profinet interface, which is standard in all…

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You can now buy Cree RF chips from APC Novacom

APC Novacom is stocking all Cree RF devices that do not require an EU license, including GaN HEMT die.

Cree RF products now available through APC Novacom include: general purpose broadband die, general purpose 28V and 40V broadband GaN high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs), 28V and 50V telecom GaN HEMTs…

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You can buy more Rittal enclosures from Conrad

You can now buy Rittal enclosures for power distribution and climate control systems from Conrad Business Supplies.

Included is Rittel’s latest SE 8 single enclosure for industrial applications such as can be found for compact machinery and equipment, building automation, power distribution units, and automation components.

The distributor now…

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You can buy Molex IllumiMate wire/board connectors from Mouser

Mouser Electronics is shipping the latest IllumiMate 1.00mm pitch wire-to-board connector system and the IllumiMate 1.25 wire-to-board connector system from Molex.

Both designed for LCD screens the illumiMate 1.00mm connector saves about 50% of space compared to IllumiMate 1.25 connector.

Molex Illumimate…

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Design for a constant amplitude sawtooth generator

Design for a constant amplitude sawtooth generator

Design Spark website has posted a new design of a circuit for generating a sawtooth waveform with well defined constant amplitude for applications in pulse width modulation control systems.

The circuit is a generator that produces a sawtooth signal which can be synchronised with an input pulse.

The average output…

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You can now buy FCI terminal blocks from TTI

PCB signal and power terminal blocks from FCI in pluggable and fixed configurations, in various pitch and wire sizes are available from TTI.

The terminal blocks are available in vertical and right angle versions with pitch sizes from 2.5mm up to 19mm, a dual row pin count from 2…

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Industry 4.0, what is it?

Do you wonder what Industry 4.0 exactly means?

I have found this interesting defintion of Industry 4.0 by Steve Hughes, managing director of REO UK.

Steve Hughes writes:
Industry 4.0 is a big concept and a hugely popular buzzword across manufacturing. It originated at the Hanover Messe…

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Is this the best dev kit you're ever seen?

Is this the best dev kit you're ever seen?

Are you collecting dev boards with every new microcontroller seeming to require its own dev board?

Do you wish you could find a development board which can be used with any microcontroller?

Well, you may be interested in reading Charles Gantt’s  TheMakersWorkbench Blog on the element14 Community.

Charles Gantt…

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