Analysis and comment on all matters pertaining to the supply chain and distribution of electronics components from Richard Wilson, editor of Electronics Weekly

Avnet Memec enters the community blog world

Avnet Memec has re-designed its website which now includes a technology blog. The distributor has also added vertical market data and has optimised the website according to users’ country of origin.

“Just having a shop window website is no longer acceptable in our ever more connected world. Our customers…

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Future offers free STM32 Nucleo boards in Europe

Future Electronics is making the new range of STM32 Nucleo prototyping boards from STMicroelectronics available free via its FTM Board Club website for design engineers.

Board Club, which provides evaluation, development and prototyping boards free to any OEM engineers based in the EMEA region, now includes the STM32 Nucleo base…

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RS launches 3D design competition with £5,000 prize

RS Components and its US arm, Allied Electronics have launched as design competition based on the distributor’s recently introduced DesignSpark Mechanical, the downloadable 3D design software tool, co-developed with SpaceClaim.

The distributor is offering a prize of £5,000 and the first ever Ormerod 3D printer created by…

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Open source and the distributor

Distributors are not running away from providing access to essentially free open-source. Most suppliers recognise it has become an important part of the design community and can be used to drive business in semiconductor sales.

The distributors also can act as trusted sources of software for open source designbplatforms…

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Raspberry Pi goes gaming

A Raspberry Pi has been used as the hardware platform to build a fully portable gaming console.

It is the result of an online design project by blogger Ben Heck, who uses a Raspberry Pi Model B board featured in a two-part series on the element14 Community of distributor…

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Raspberry Pi inspires 240 school-children

Children at St Saviour’s Primary School in Paddington had the chance to write their first ever computer code when they learned to programme a robot crocodile using a Raspberry Pi computer…

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