Amplicon to sell Pico Tech’s USB scopes and data loggers

Amplicon has signed a distribution agreement with Pico Technology to supply its PC-based and USB oscilloscopes and data loggers.

Last year Cambridgeshire-based Pico Technology introduced a PC-based 12GHz sampling oscilloscope.

Dubbed PicoScope 9201A, the instrument is aimed at analysing electrical communications standards; and characterising connectors, cables, IC packages and printed circuit boards.

The company has also recently introduced the PicoScope 6407 USB digitiser which has four 1GHz analogue inputs and a 5GS/s sampling rate.

It has the capability to capture signals such as high-speed serial data; waveforms from automated test rigs, prototype circuits and high-frequency PCBs; radio, laser and radar IF signals; and many types of experimental data.

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