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Archive for April, 2010

Q5 Interview – Peter Kasenbacher, Agilent Technologies

The latest Q5 interview is now online and is with the European manager for the oscilloscope product lines at Agilent Technologies.Peter Kasenbacher talks to Electronics Weekly about the different ways in which oscilloscopes are used by the test engineer.The five questions this week are:1. How would you…

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A Video Channel comes to Electronics Weekly

We are pleased to announce a new section to the site, a Video Channel – Electronics Weekly TV or EWEE TV, as it were.Bringing together a range of video material already existing on the site, or living elsewhere, it will complement our coverage of the electroincs industry…

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Welcome to the Digital Audio Zone

We have a new topic zone on Electronics Weekly, devoted to digital audio in general and DAB radio in particular.It accompanies our existing Power and Test & Measurement zones.Simply bookmark the URL: www.electronicsweekly.com/digital-audio Check out the latest news on the topic, some interesting videos…

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Digital Life: The Holocube Touch, a video

The Holodeck can’t come soon enough for me, and so this one caught my eye over the weekend.A glimpse of the possible (hologramatic) future? The Holocube Touch: Thanks to Engadget for this one…

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Election 2010 & Technology: Labour, Tory, LibDem manifestos

With the 2010 Election imminent – Election 2010: Electronics industry fears hung parliament – we roundup the election manifestos on electronics and technology.Here is a quick overview of the parties’ views on electronincs, research and green technology. With Technical College training apprentices and UK Infrastructure Banks thrown in… Labour – R&amp…

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Digital Life: Honey, I shrunk the camera

One for the Digital Life category, and which caught my eye over the weekend.This camera is so small, “you’ll probably lose it the day you buy it”, declares Technabob.The Chobi micro digital camera apparently measures just 4.4 (w) x 2.9 (h) x 1.2 (d…

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Photo Gallery: Self-powered nanometre-scale sensing devices

Following up on the story we reported - ZnO nanowires make sensor and generator – we now have a visual angle – a new addition to our Picture Gallery Index. See Photos: Self-powered nanometre-scale sensing devicesResearchers at Georgia Tech construct the first self-powered nanometre-scale sensing devices that draws electrical…

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Q5 Interview – Dean Hassell, Arrow UK

The latest Q5 industry interview is now online – with the General Manager of distributors Arrow UK.Dean Hassell talks to Electronics Weekly about inventory replenishment, the most active end markets in the UK and Europe, and the biggest challenge of 2010…The five questions are:1. Have you seen evidence…

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