Comment of the year – “sesquipedalian grandiloquence”

david-manners-011-small-80-x-74.jpgIt’s only the start of 2010, but I strongly suspect we might already have seen the best comment of the year, on the Mannerism blog.

In the post Am I thick?, which is about a newly published report on “new technologies of awareness”, David Manners (pictured left) wonders why he struggles with the terms used.

‘The Baron’ replies:

It’s maybe not completely meaningless, but I think he’s trying to make it sound much more cryptic via sesquipedalian grandiloquence. The music hall presenters of yore would be proud.

“Sesquipedalian grandiloquence” – I love it. That sets the mark, I reckon.

Unless, of course, you can do better… as Esther used to say.

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