EDA and self-esteem issues

cute-puppy.jpgAn interesting summary of a CEO Forecast panel in San Jose, under the auspices of the annual Electronic Design Automation Consortium (EDAC): Analysis: EDA CEOs waltz on the tilting deck

The CEOs taking part included Wally Rhines of Mentor Graphics, Aart de Geus of Synopsys, Chris Rowen of Tensilica, and Rajeev Madhavan of Magma Design Automation. Each took their turn to outline a prognosis for the EDA industry in 2009 beyond, and they weren’t pulling punches.

According to the EDA Graffitti blog, on our sister site EDN, which also covers the event, Chris Rowen insisted that EDAs troubles were nothing to do with EDA or even semiconductor, and apparently chose the analogy: “We are fleas on a sick dog.” (But there was lots of growth in IP in the dataplane so Tensilica should be ok…).

An excellent quote from what seems a robustly open discussion. Let’s hope it is not a Ratner moment that comes back to bite him.

(Picture – Ella the Snow Dog, by jpctalbot, under Creative Commons Attribution Licence)

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