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Gadget Master compo sees Android IOIO board up for grabs

Android IOIO board competitionJust a quick post to flag that you can win an Android-related piece of kit on another Electronics Weekly blog – check out the current compo on Gadget Master.

Specifically, up for grabs is the IOIO board (pronounced “YoYo”), from SparkFun. It is an easy way to get I/O from an Android smartphone’s USB connection (OS versions 1.5 and greater).

The board uses a Java API to hook into your phone’s app, and this means you can extend the functionality of the phone out to external sensors and controls! It would set you back $50 online dollars to buy.

To have a chance of winning the competition you need to answer one question correctly (based on a set of Android-related blog posts).

Enter the competition >>

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