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Managing safety in LED lighting

Relative Radiant PowerDon’t miss the latest in our series of LED lighting guides, written by technology editor Steve Bush. In the latest one he considers the sensitive subject of managing eye safety. See – Ensuring safety in LED lighting

He considers such things as relative radiant power, the ICNIRP’s blue hazard curve, and some eye biology…

He writes:

Lighting LEDs are a route to energy efficiency that also allow creative effects that were not possible with incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes. But the output spectrum, like that of fluorescent tubes, is nothing like the sunlight human eyes evolved to deal with.

Is this important? What do you need to know about the health implications of artificial light?

The short answer is: There are safe levels of every kind of light and dangerous levels of every kind of light. Knowledge and standards help manufacturers and lighting designers to navigate the vast area in between.  

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ICNIRP's blue hazard curve

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