Mobile phones through the ages – Babushka style

mobiles-through-the-ages.jpgA bit of fun for a Friday – check out these carefully crafted cardboard models of mobile phones through the ages, created by the designer and animator Kyle Bean. The work is dubbed Mobile Evolution (thanks to Technabob for this one).

What’s more, Russian Doll-like, they all fit within each other. This must prove the miniaturisation of technology.

The sequence begins with a Motorola DynaTAC and finishes with an iPhone, but can you identify the other models? Can you pick out the Ericsson GH198? Or the Nokia Mobira Cityman 1320? You can read the full details of the phones.

The first is a 1980s Motorola DynaTAC “brick” phone, which contains everything else, all the way up to the Apple iPhone. Hmmm. Not quite sure about the scaling now…

A graduate of Brighton University, Kyle writes:

I have returned to the theme of technology in my work, by making a Russian Doll style model of mobile phones. I simply wanted to demonstrate how mobile technology has evolved and miniaturised so quickly since the 1980’s. As a child of the late 80’s I only have vague recollections of mobile phones back then, so I was fascinated to discover how massive they really were.

You can see more of his design and animation on his own website.

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