OLED lighting app promises 5,000 hours lifetime


More developments on the OLED front – and it seems good news for those seeking the practical application of OLED lighting. Osram has apparently achieved a significant efficiency result in its push towards practical OLED lighting – see Osram hits 46 lm/W in OLED lighting tile
“After only two years of development, Osram has achieved record values in the laboratory for organic light emitting diodes in warm white,” said the firm. “With an efficiency of 46 lm/W the organic light emitting diodes for lighting applications (OLED Lighting) have a brightness of 1,000cd/m² and last more than 5,000 hours.”

Conventional power LEDs are well established on the fringes of lighting, writes Technology Editor Steve Bush, but cost projections suggest they are unlikely ever to displace light bulbs and fluorescent lamps through market forces alone.

However, if efficiency and lifetime can be improved, OLEDs could do it as their structure lends itself to low-cost mass production.

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