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20aug08metamaterial2-full-small.jpgMake sure you bookmark our Research section if you want to keep up with the very latest developments, pushing the boundaries of electronics and technology.

For example, recent Research & Development stories include:

* Not quite the “cloak of invisibility”, but metamaterials that bend visible and infra-red light backwards

* Bucky gel enables stretchable conductors made carbon nanotubes and polymer material

* Surrey University unveils nanotransistor theory for polycrystalline silicon

* Artificial intelligence that enables gliders find their own thermals

* A breakthrough in the development of Three-Dimensional ICs, processed at below 400° Celsius

* Caltech makes a lens-less microscope from a CCD

* MIT turns to photosynthesis for unlimited solar power without daylight

To help target content, there are three sub-sections: Research.Materials, Research.Process and Research.Device

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