See through 3D desktop – computing in your hand…


Could this be a future for computer interfaces? It is a very striking 3D system developed by Jinha Lee, It is part of a research project that he proposed and developed at Microsoft Applied Sciences Group, during his internship.

‘Computer scientist Ivan Sutherland once called a computer display “a looking glass into a mathematical wonderland.” and I have always aspired to walk in this wonderland to interact with those abstract beings,’ writes Jinha Lee on his website.

‘Despite advances in 3D sensing and display technologies, our interactions with computer desktops have remained stagnant from the form that evolved under 2D I/O modalities. See Through 3D desktop is a 3D spatial operating environment that allows the user to directly interact with his or her virtual desktop. The user can reach into the projected 3D output space with his/her hands to directly manipulate the windows.’

The work was actually done back in 2011, but thanks to Sue P. for flagging this one.

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