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Sharp sells “world’s largest LCD monitor”

sharp-108-lcd-monitor.jpgSharp is starting to sell what it describes as the “world’s largest LCD monitor”, the LB-1085.

There is an asterisk in that statement, which clarifies “* As of June 13, 2008, for commercially available, direct-view LCD monitors.” The size of this beast, the new king of the LCD jungle? 2.74 metre / 108 inches.

Not one for your living room, then.

“A full HD resolution and its static contrast of 1200:1 also ensure brilliant image reproduction from all sides,” writes Sharp. “As thanks to Sharp’s own in-house developed Advanced Super View (ASV) technology, these 108-inch displays offer an extremely wide viewing angle of 176° in all directions.

“The backlight unit offers a long service life and is particularly easy to replace, thus keeping both system and maintenance costs low. A rich assortment of inputs, including HDMI and DVI-I connectors, provides greater connectivity with a wide variety of equipment and devices, and a fan-less design that minimizes noise and intake of dust from outside air further improves its level of technical sophistication as a commercial display.”

Note however, the availability. Is it worth the wait? “The LB-1085 can be ordered at the Sharp Microelectronics sales offices throughout Europe. Delivery will take about 16 weeks after the order has been placed.”

16 weeks? Puts me in mind of that Gorbachev -era joke: A Soviet buys a car, but is told it will take 10 years to arrive. Morning or afternoon? he replies. When questioned why it matters, being ten years away, he replies: because I have a plumber coming in the morning…

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