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Smart Alec Tronics – OhmArt, in book form

smart-alec-tronics.jpgIf you’ve enjoyed Barney’s OhmArt cartoons, which we’ve been running for a while on Electro-ramblings, be sure to check out this new publication.

Barney has compiled the first 150 OhmArt cartoons into a book called Smart Alec Tronics, available in soft and hardcover versions – “Certified GE-free, animal-friendly, lactose-tolerant and partially carbon-neutral. Probably ESD-safe and ROHM-compliant too.”

Barney writes:
“Anyone wanting to get the book just goes to this link and chooses which version etc. If a company wants to buy multiple copies – they would make great Christmas presents! – discounts apply and shipping works out cheaper.”

Of course, you can also check out Barney’s blog, too…

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