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Vodafone patent to improve mobile bandwidth performance

With the 4G auction in the news, I’d like to flag an interesting Electronics Patent of the Month that currently features on the site.

Patent expert Michael Jaeger, of Withers & Rogers LLP, considers how Vodafone might be looking to improve mobile bandwidth performance…

See Electronics patent of the month: Calculating total of mobile terminals in a cell

Jaeger writes:

This UK patent addresses head-on the challenges of maintaining high data rates in congested mobile cells without any degradation of service.

In a mobile telecommunications network, the state of communication between the network and its mobile terminals can either be active or inactive/idle. In the active state, as a mobile terminal moves from one cell to another, a communication session is maintained by performing a “handover” operation. In contrast, in the inactive/idle state, as a mobile terminal moves between different cells of the network, it performs “cell reselection” to identify the most appropriate cell on which to “camp” in order that the mobile terminal can be paged as appropriate.

One factor required to allocate network resources efficiently between different users in a single cell is the number of mobile terminals. In order to know the number of terminals in a cell, the location of each must be known.

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