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Welcome to a new LED Luminary!

Paul WardWe are very pleased to say that we have a new expertly-qualified luminary blogging for us on the LED Luminaries blog.

Paul Ward is Opto Product Manager at the distributor Farnell and his first post is: Will Binning be consigned to the Bin?

He looks at how ANSI is making an effort to bring the ‘wild world’ of LEDs into a somewhat more ordered system, with the bin standard (ANSI C78 377A).

Paul begins:
It’s always been a pain – the binning of LEDs whether by colour or lumens just made life awkward. If we imagine the wafer from which the LED dies are made as a Pizza, the edges of the Pizza are usually cooked more than the centre; and it’s just the same with the LED wafers. The dies made from the edge will be slightly different from those in the middle.

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