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Top 10 most popular articles on ElectronicsWeekly.com (24/01)

top ten generic 260Here are the top ten most popular articles on ElectronicsWeekly.com in the last week, with the companies Freescale, Qualcomm, Intel and Nokia figuring prominently…

Taking it in reverse order, to maximise suspense:

10. High efficiency voltage regulator for Qualcomm quick charge

9. What is… a GATT Service?

8. Arduino myths or misunderstandings

7. Raspberry Pi powers in-car entertainment

6. Freescale aims at fuel injection controllers

5. Technologies to be big in 2014

4. Getting Hi-Fi sound from Raspberry Pi

3. Fable: The Doomed FPGA

2. Intel Flat As Debt Mounts

1. Nokia’s Smartphone Problem: The End of an Icon

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