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Top 10 most popular articles on ElectronicsWeekly.com (14/03)

top ten generic 260Here are the top ten most popular articles on ElectronicsWeekly.com in the last week, with wearable technology, Kia car batteries, 450mm, the Roku Streaming Stick and a Raspberry Pi rival figuring prominently…

Taking it in reverse order, to maximise suspense:

10. Private Equity, NXP and Freescale

9. Intel Chiefs Sell Out

8. What is… Security Enhanced (SE) Android?

7. 450mm delayed till 2023 …sometime …never

6. Getting Hi-Fi sound from Raspberry Pi

5. Google tries wearables for Android size

4. Gadget Watch: Roku Streaming Stick beats Chromecast to the UK punch

3. Kia rejects Li-ion for Pb-carbon in hybrid car

2. Raspberry Pi rival is available in the UK

1. Bozotti Plans For Retirement

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