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Top 10 most popular articles on ElectronicsWeekly.com (12/06)

top ten generic 260Here are the top ten most popular articles on ElectronicsWeekly.com in the last week, with LED lighting, a robotics project, a liquid-cooled supercomputer and Mindspeed figuring prominently…

Taking it in reverse order, to maximise suspense:

10. Exeter study finds phone electromagnetic radiation emissions affect fertility

9. Red Pitaya open source test instrument to be sold by RS

8. Ericsson Expects Modem Revenues This Year

7. Gadget in extremis: High-tech origami leads to self-folding humanoid

6. Fable: The Genius

5. Synopsys support for Samsung FD-SOI

4. The Three Most Difficult Questions

3. Electronics Weekly Salary Survey 2014 – The results, part I

2. Raspberry Pi is changing and Eben Upton explains why

1. Why Broadcom Quit Baseband

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