UK electronics share index, July 2013: +76%

EW electronics shares indexA periodic check on the market capitalisation of publicly quoted UK electronics companies…

I can’t believe it’s almost a year since we sampled the capitalisation of publicly quoted UK electronics companies. It was back in February 2012 we first took a snapshot of industry market capitalisation, for our Electronics Weekly Index

It’s high time to take a look because there have been a lot of changes in the market this past year, with prices rallying dramatically…

How stands the industry? Well, by the power of Google Docs and Google Finance, it is currently worth – on the Stock Exchange, at least - £1,486 billion

Year on year that represents a staggering 44% increase on the total for July 2012, and up 76% since February 2012.

Note that HiWave is no longer included since the suspension of its shares trading, so the total could have been even larger.

View the data file yourself, on Google Drive » (see the Companies tab)

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