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Electronica is buzzing: Industry is on a roll

elec-001.jpgThe electronics industry is very much alive and kicking, if the atmosphere at Electronica is anything to go by. Today I’ve been to see Altium, Kontron, QNX, Actel and Analog Devices. All reckon its a good show, and it’s still the first day. Attendees are here in Munich in good numbers, and they’re all smiling. The lager helps. XJTAG’s booth is packed, which I’m sure is due to the technology, and not the three scantily clad girls giving out free-bees. Hall A6 is a bit racy as well, with a German circuit board maker doing body painting of topless models. It’s quite funny watching loads of guys wandering past, heads pointing in one direction eyes in another. Some of them for the third or fourth time. Of course, I was only hanging around for research purposes.

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