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EuP directive more profound that RoHS

My blogging colleague Gary Nevison has posted a very interesting piece on the EuP (Energy using Products) Directive. As a Yorkshireman he obviously calls it the ‘eh up’ Directive.

The Directive does not apply to means of transport (aircraft, cars etc.) but, apart from this, the scope is deliberately broad, covering, in principle, any product which when in use depends on, generates, transfers or measures energy (electricity, fossil fuel or renewable)

EuP is going to be a critical one for the electronics industry, as its scope is potentially broader than RoHS or WEEE, explains Gary:

There will also be a growing demand for more comprehensive data on energy use, composition and compatibility of materials, weight, disassembley, recyclability, identification and in some cases a move towards modular designs which can be upgraded more easily

Gary is writing a whole series of blog posts introducing various flavours of legislation that are affecting, or will affect, the electronics industry, including the ATEX Directive on equipment used in explosive atmospheres, the REACH chemicals legislation, and China’s version of RoHS.

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