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How fares the browser war on ElectronicsWeekly?

firefox.jpg It’s time for that periodic question: what is the state of the Browser Wars? How does Firefox compare to Internet Explorer when it comes to readers of ElectronicsWeekly.com? How is the battle faring on our particular piece of electronics turf? Just FYI, stats for the last month are:

1. Internet Explorer 6.0 (47% – down 4% since our last check, in August) 2. Internet Explorer 7.0 (27% – down 1%) 3. Firefox (22% – up 4%) 4. Opera 9.x (1.1% – up 0.2%) 5. Safari (0.56 – up 0.16%) 6. Internet Explorer 7.0 (AOL) (0.4% – down 0.6%) Again, a very healthy showing for Firefox, with IE7 slow to overtake its sibling but Apple’s Safari still struggles to make an impact, now being overtaken by the venerable Opera. browser wars

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