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Bulldog pushes to demonstrate fourth generation haptics

Here’s an interesting one. UK company Redux has written about Bulldog, its demonstration unit for showing off a first for fourth-generation haptics. The Cambridgeshire company writes: Our demonstration unit, called Bulldog, not only delivers true third generation haptics, allowing us to vary what effect you get depending on…

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Video: Hands on with Rohde & Schwarz's new mixed-signal scope

Rohde & Schwarz has introduced a mixed-signal oscilloscope, and our editor Richard Wilson was given a demonstration in Munich. The test firm has added a logic analysis option to its mid-range scopes. The logic analysis option adds 16 logic channels to the firm’s RTM series scopes. It…

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Only Connect: On low cost manufacturing

Welcome to another post in the series by Nick Locke, of Nicab Ltd, who has over 15 years experience in the electronics manufacturing industry specialising in interconnection cable assembly. This week I was going to write about new technology however, since the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka has seen a tragic loss…

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Top 10 most popular articles on ElectronicsWeekly.com (25/04)

Here are the top ten most popular articles on ElectronicsWeekly.com in the last week, with graphene supercapacitors, LEDs, Bluetooth chip sales and Intel’s foundry leading the way… See what your peers have been reading. In reverse order: 10. Graphene makes better supercapacitors 9. Security detector based on novelty…

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Pencoed success story for Raspberry Pi production

A nice story on the RaspberryPi.org website, about the success of UK manufacturing at the South Wales plant in Pencoed – the 500,000th Pi has gone through its lines! Premier Farnell/Element14 has been making 100% of its Pis at the Sony factory, and RS Components is apparently in…

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AMD Phenom quad-core chips see HD light of day

One week after Intel launches its 45nm Penryn processor, AMD unveils its 65nm Phenom desktop chips – the centrepiece of its new Spider platform, bidding to take HD video mainstream. The Phenom chips represent the centrepiece of its “Spider” multimedia desktop platform. In the wake of Intel’s success with a…

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45nm Penryn processor unifies Intel approach

Monday sees the launch of Intel’s 45nm Penryn processor family, including a first Core 2 Extreme quad-core processor. According to Intel, back in its IDF Fall 2007, the Core 2 Extreme QX9650 will feature a massive 12MB of L2 Cache, and run at a frequency of 3GHz. It…

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Magma and Synopsys kiss and make up

Three or more years or patent lawsuits between Magma and Synopsys seem to have ended, with the firms agreeing to cross-license eight patents. Magma takes the hit with a $12.6m one-off fee to Synopsys. On his EETimes blog, Richard Goering points out that legal fees were costing…

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