AMD Phenom quad-core chips see HD light of day

AMD%20spider%20logo.jpg One week after Intel launches its 45nm Penryn processor, AMD unveils its 65nm Phenom desktop chips – the centrepiece of its new Spider platform, bidding to take HD video mainstream. The Phenom chips represent the centrepiece of its “Spider” multimedia desktop platform. In the wake of Intel’s success with a platform approach to computing – think of the Centrino trinity of processor, chipset and network comms – AMD is following a similar strategy.

For a system to get the Spider badge of approval it will include an ATI graphics processing element (for example the first 55nm GPU launched last week, the ATI Radeon HD 3800), 65nm AMD Phenom processors (native quad-cores, featuring shared L3 cache and HperTransport 3.0) and its 7-Series chipsets (supporting multi-monitor ATI CrossFireX, PCIe 2.0 and AMD OverDrive for energy efficiency). AMD Phenom processor takes HD video mainstream See also: Electronics Weekly’s focus on microprocessors, a roundup of content related to x86 microprocessor technologies and developments.

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