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Blogging? EW enters the Web 2.0 era…

Welcome to the Electronics Weekly blog devoted to the website. I’ll try and give you a flavour of what’s happening on the site, in terms of the exclusive industry news we’re breaking and new features of the site. Top stories on the site today include the comments from an NXP vice-president that the new owners of the former Philips Semiconductors division are planning at least a seven year plan for NXP, which could involve more mergers. Mobile TV is a hugely significant topic at the moment, and the news that Samsung is joining Alcatel to push transmissions in the S-band is important. S-band spectrum is already available in Europe. Finally, an interesting bit of analysis from IC Insights suggests that optoelectronic devices will outsell discretes in 2006. The sectors are worth $16.8bn and $16.5bn respectively.

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