Electronica: Crowds and the Playstation 3

Electronica is packed – really packed. Getting to the halls on the U-Bahn was a nightmare, and people were still streaming in through the doors late in the morning. Journalists on half hour interview slots are struggling to make their appointments becuase of the crowds and getting some lunch could be a non-starter. img-1894.jpgThere’s a stready stream of visitors through the International Rectifier stand to see the Playstation 3 they’ve got. It’s connected to a 1080i monitor and the quality of the graphics is stunning. Not that you’d know it from my pathetic attempt to take a photo. Many thanks to the executive v-p from IR who allegedly cradled the machine on the plane all the way from Japan to get it to the show on time. Playstation 3 is also part of the presentation from Chipworks, the reverse engineering people from Canada. They’ve just started a teardown of the machine, looking at the 65nm Cell processor, emotion engine and graphics chip inside. Expect more on this soon.

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