Mystery teaser photo for Monday

Thanks to the ubiquitous embargo – sometimes useful, sometimes a pain in the neck – we’re sitting on a really nice story that is set to break on Monday. I’m trying to think of clues that won’t give the game away, but I can already feel the elegant hands belonging to the firm’s director of public relations tightening around my throat. What I can show you is a nice picture of a die that I took during the press conference: Mystery Pic
If anyone can tell me roughly what the product is and why it’s significant, I’ll send them a prize from my drinks collection. This competition is not open to employees of… whoops – nearly gave the game away. mystery2.jpgHere’s a close up of the die. Sorry about the poor quality, but the PR man booked a cellar room and the lighting was a bit dim. UPDATE: I’ve just noticed (Thursday evening) that the embargo has already been blown by an Indian website. Oh well, never mind. At least it’s not EETimes. I’m still not telling you what it is though.

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