Q5 interview – Ian Bell, National Instruments

13aug08ian-bell.jpg Just a reminder – the latest Q5 interview with Ian Bell, technical marketing manager at National Instruments is live online.

He talks to Electronics Weekly about how graphical test and development tools can address the challenges of programming multicore processor systems.

The five questions this week are:

What is the biggest challenge for computing system developers in the move to parallel systems and multicore processors?

What are the new programming methods and tools, and application models needed to make this happen?

Will the move to parallel systems in the PC and embedded worlds have an impact on test architectures, creating the potential for parallel test?

Will this require new test and development tools?

How will a graphical programming tool, such as LabVIEW, evolve in the coming years as a result of the impact of parallel computing?

Read his answers in the full interview: Q5 interview – Ian Bell, National Instruments

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