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Salary Survey 2014 - Your last chance to take part

This is your last chance to take part in the Electronics Weekly salary survey. The survey will be closing very soon, so complete now for a chance to win £1,000.

Please help us build upon our understanding of salaries, benefits and recruitment across the industry.

We’ll be sharing…

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Take the Electronics Weekly UK Salary Survey 2014!

We are pleased to announce that Electronics Weekly, working in partnership with European Recruitment, will be conducting a new salary survey for the UK electronics industry. Sounding out such important matters as pay and benefits and your thoughts for the future outlook.
Take the Electronics Weekly UK Salary Survey 2014…

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The all new look Electronics Weekly

The new look Electronics Weekly is here! Today the newly designed magazine will drop through our reader’s doors and into your inboxes.

We’ve listened to what you’ve told us you want from the UK’s number one electronics publication and as well as a fresh new look…

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What is... Spintronics?

You may have heard about spintronics, perhaps as an ill-defined electronics buzz word, and maybe wondered what it is exactly…

Well, our technology editor Steve Bush has written an in-depth article on the topic, just for you, getting to grips with the issues it raises.

It might repay…

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Toshiba News & Information Zone - November update

Don’t forget to bookmark the Toshiba News & Information Zone on Electronics Weekly, providing design engineers with access to guides, whitepapers and videos – www.electronicsweekly.com/toshiba/Topics covered include ASIC, Memory, Microcontrollers, Mobile Peripherals, Optical Devices, Power, and SSDs.

We are updating the Zone through the year, and…

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Eating up the Raspbery Pi video

Glad to see the recent video we filmed of the Raspberry Pi manufacturing process has proved so popular – 24,000 views, and counting, streamed via YouTube.

It was a privileged view inside the Sony manufacturing facilities in Pencoed, hopefully an interesting glimpse of the electronics the UK is capable of…

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Video: Picking and placing a Raspberry Pi - Made in the UK

I’m really pleased with this one – Electronics Weekly sent the Metropolis “video man”, Dave Berman, to film Raspberry Pi dev boards being made at the Sony manufacturing facility in Pencoed, South Wales. And I think he’s done a great job. Interesting in its own right, and a good…

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Picture Gallery – Electric cars

I’m pleased to say there is a new Picture Gallery on the site – see 2013 – a breakthrough year for all-electric vehicles

The electric car market is expected to continue to grow at a rapid pace, in light of increasing commitment from the government and industry to fund a…

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