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Get the Electronics Weekly magazine Digital Edition

Want to get your hands on Electronics Weekly magazine? The best way is to sign up for the Digital Edition

It’s simple – you get the full magazine content but in digital form. We send you a weekly email and you just click a link to access full page-turning…

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Salary Survey 2014 - Part II - Regional variations

I must flag the latest Salary Survey article we have just published – see Salary Survey 2014 – Part II – Location, location, location

As its name suggests, it is a look at some of the regional variations to be found. We were very glad to get more than one thousand UK respondents…

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Picture Gallery - World Cup 2014 goal-line technology

There’s another picture gallery new to the site to highlight…

Yes, there’s a sporting event taking place in Brazil, but what really interests us is the latest goal-line, camera and wireless communications technology involved, the GoalControl-4D system!

View FIFA World Cup 2014 goal-line technology &gt…

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Eben Upton on Raspberry Pi Compute Module

It’s pleasing to see our interview with Eben Upton – founder of the Raspberry Pi foundation, and one of the creators of the Raspberry Pi – is being viewed by a lot of people on the site.

Ahead of changes in format and design next month, he discusses the reasons for…

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Salary Survey 2014 – Read the results!

The results of the Electronics Weekly Salary Survey 2014 are in, with over 1,000 UK respondents having taken part! Our editor, Richard Wilson, has taken a first look at the results of the largest ever national survey of salary levels in the UK electronics industry – see Electronics Weekly Salary…

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Get the salary survey 2014 results

Electronics Weekly, working in partnership with European Recruitment, has completed the new salary survey for 2014, collecting the views of well over 1,000 UK electronics industry professionals.

The results will cover such important issues as pay, benefits and recruitment across the country as well as the industry’s outlook…

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Top 10 most popular articles on ElectronicsWeekly.com

Here are the top ten most popular articles on ElectronicsWeekly.com in the last week, with Finfets, FPGA test chips, graphene and Wolfson figuring prominently…

Taking it in reverse order, to maximise suspense:

10. Finfets’ problems are FD-SOI’s opportunity

9. Altera sees first 14nm FPGA test chips from…

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