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What is… Spintronics?


Spins on a finite-size frustrated lattice:
a Mo72Fe30 supramolecular magnet
Source: ILL

You may have heard about spintronics, perhaps as an ill-defined electronics buzz word, and maybe wondered what it is exactly…

Well, our technology editor Steve Bush has written an in-depth article on the topic, just for you, getting to grips with the issues it raises.

It might repay your reading time, I would suggest, providing a useful introduction to what is an important field.

He begins:

In short, it is a way of getting over a fundamental limitation in electronics: that electrons have charge and every time a charge is moved to do something, some of the effort gets turned into heat.

Quite separately from charge, electrons have a property called spin, and it is this property that might one day be exploited in spintronics to move information without losing so much energy.

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