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Gadget Master

  • SeeNote

    Gadget Watch: A sticky note for the digital age

    The latest reinvention of the sticky note is SeeNote, an electronic, wireless device, a little larger at about 3.5-inces square, with a polycarbonate case. It has an ePaper touchscreen and runs on a rechargeable, one-month, li-ion battery.

  • GM power glove

    The power of glove

    The story begins in 1989 when the glove was launched as a controller for the Nintendo Entertainment System...But it's now been hacked into a motion controller for use with a drone.

  • smart My Lock

    Discover Blue showcases latest intelligent Bluetooth devices

    Many an interesting Bluetooth device for Gadget Master to see at the 'Discover Blue' event in London, which was highlighting some examples of Bluetooth innovation.


Electro Ramblings

  • Today is a very important day

    top women in engeering

    “National Women in Engineering Day (#NWED2016) is an international awareness campaign to raise the profile of women in engineering and focus attention on the amazing career opportunities available to girls in this exciting industry.”

  • One day to go – Functional Test Webinar

    goepel screen grab

    There's just one day to go until the first Electronics Weekly webinar, which involves Test & Measurment - Combining the Power of Functional Test and Embedded System Access

  • Only Connect: LVDS cables, a simple guide

    LVDS cables a simple guide

    If you work with flat screens or integrate them into the products you manufacture you will have used low-voltage differential signalling (LVDS) cables.

Eyes On Android

Distribution World

Engineer In Wonderland

Led Luminaries

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