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iPhone Day, five years on

Time waits for no man. And indeed, time and tide waits for no smartphone. It’s rather startling to think that tomorrow already marks the fifth anniversary of the iPhone. It’s five years since Apple’s handheld device shook up the industry and took things to a whole new…

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Comment: Is the Age of Silicon Start-Ups Over?

John Moor of NMI joins the SiliconSouthWest debate on the future of silicon startups…I’ve stolen the title of this blog post from a question asked by Peter Claydon at a recent SiliconSouthWest event and I thought it worth a comment or two.According to the David Manners’ blog…

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Will he or won’t he (buy an iPad)?

Electronics Weekly’s esteemed Component Editor, David Manners, has many virtues, but I’m sorry to say it seems constancy is not one of them. Not when it comes to an Apple iPad…On the Mannerisms blog, he was against it, and then for it, and now he is agin…

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