Design Innovation Conference joins National Electronics Week 2009

More developments. Premier EDA Solutions has announced the incorporation of a new conference as part of the UK’s leading electronics exhibition.

Open to electronics design professionals, engineering managers and technicians, the UK Design Innovation Conference will provide a platform for learning, discussion and networking.

“The needs of the UK electronics design community are broad, deep and wide.” says Phil Mayo, Managing Director of Premier.

“Irrespective of the current economic climate, design professionals need a national event where they can ‘toe dip’ into new technology developments, design techniques, industry comment and such like. The UK Design Innovation Conference provides the ideal vehicle for this.”

According to the organisers, the conference provides a comprehensive programme of technical sessions loosely organised into three tracks for each of the three days of the exhibition.

These tracks cover subjects associated with Advanced PCB Technologies, Intermediate PCB Design Techniques and Design Considerations beyond the PCB. Industry experts have been invited to contribute non-commercial materials targeted at electronics design professionals in order to maximise the learning experience for each session.

In addition to the technical programme, there will also be three special sessions for each of the exhibition days:
1. Keynote welcome address, celebrating the potential of electronics design in the UK.
2. Panel discussion, captains of the UK electronics design community will discuss a topical subject and invite questions from the audience.
3. A personal view of the impact of electronics design, delivered by a leading UK-based electronics company.

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