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Luxeon Lime arrives – thanks to Lumileds

Having written about Lumileds’ 200 lm/W Luxeon Lime,¬† the most efficacious LED yet because its output is close to eye maximum sensitivity, I asked for a couple of samples.

And here they are.

These are the first LEDs I have seen on ordinary FR4 PCB substrates using Lumiled’s…

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A bit about Bluefin-21

Hearing about the search for that airliner lost in the southern ocean, I got curious about the submarine they are using.

I was sort of hoping it was one of the amazing beasts that comes out of the the UK National Oceanographic Centre in Southampton – called Autosubs, some of which…

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Mini-connectors for PIC ICSP

Once more dreaming of making things, I started to puzzle over finding small connectors to allow in-circuit programming (ICSP S=serial) of a PIC as well as to allow a couple of push-buttons to be detached.

The standard PICkit 3 connection is a 6way 0.1in header, which…

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TI chip hunts for buried gold?

I am not normally one for flagging-up other people’s competitions, but just this once I am going to mention that element14 has launched a competition around Texas Instruments rather neat LDC1000 ‘inductance-to-digital converter’.

In essence, it is a metal detector on a chip, with a digital…

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Not all ‘open-source’ is equal

If someone tells you some software is ‘open-source’, it is worth checking just what sort of open-source it is, for there are many types.

To tell, take a look at the licence agreement.

For information on the various licences, one place to look is…

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Thoughts on another EEVblog

Having got into a browsing chain on EEVblog, I came across EEVblog 262 ‘World’s Simplest Soft Latching Power Switch Circuit’ (right), where David Jones makes a simple latching power supply switch operated by a single push button.

He talks it through in an excellent thorough and educational way.


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EMC eye candy

An interesting  video blog was bought to my attention.

EEVblog #202 is a trip around the largest EMC facility in the Southern hemisphere.

And, having spent a small part of my life inside an RF test chamber with an expert, it made me once more admire the wizards who really…

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Why do we see purple

I was looking at some flowers this morning and noticed that they are purple.

And this set me to wondering how us humans perceive the difference between blue and purple.

And I think I have worked it out.

I reckon ‘blue’ cone stimulation on its own appears purple.

As the…

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Why power lines are barriers to animals

Would you believe it, ultra-violet discharges are the reason reindeer will not cross under rows of pylons.

So says a paper in ‘Concervational Biology’.

The Independent has a write-up.

Apparently, lots of arctic animals have vision that extends into UV because there is a lot of it around…

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We get to play with Raspberry Pi hi-fi

Would you believe it, Electronics Weekly has a Wolfson Audio Card to try out (the actual one in the photo), and I was given a Raspberry Pi for Christmas.

I have been wanting to try something like this ever since I tried RaspBMC on my Pi, outputting audio through th…

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