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Everything is going to be alright

No need to panic that young people only want to go into PR and reality TV.

It’s all going to be alright

A new generation of engineers is on the way, and I got to meet some of the best.

… and they really are good.

This all happened at…

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UK mobility scooter is well made

I was asked to change a control on the handlebars of a mobility scooter.

It is a ‘TWS’ model from UK scooter firm Tramper.

Both designed and made in the UK, it has two-wheel drive through twin motors and a microcontroller system.

Having taken apart motorcycle handlebar controls before…

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Agile power supply teaches electronics

An interesting thing arrived in the post from distributor Farnell, and is available from other distributers too.

Made by Analog Devices, it is:

A very agile power supply for developing circuits
An oscilloscope
A teaching aid
A lesson in fast analogue design
A showcase for some nifty ADI products.


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Help me turn a GPS plot into a map

Each year I help set out the safety signs for a running race.

And the race referee has asked us to make a formal map of the sign positions.

Now, there are over 100 signs and plotting these by hand on a map has proved impossible – for various reasons.


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A brain teaser

The wise Mr Kurt has drawn my attention to a puzzle from the New York Times.

It asks, if a bicycle is standing up with one of its pedals down, and you pull back on that pedal with string, which way will the bike go.

I am with Mr Kurt…

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Oh I wish I was going to ISSCC

There was a time I went to ISSCC (the International Solid-State Circuit Conference) in San Francisco each year.

A highlights (apart from flying out a day early and walking off the jet-lag in Marin County) were the evening sessions – particularly the ones hosted by the much-missed Bob…

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DIY hydroforming

Without a TV, I miss a few things – and one of those things is a he – Colin Furze – who seems to be bonkers – and has also made a rather good video on DIY hydroforming using a pressure washer.

BTW – only try this at home if you know what you are…

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A real phone-charging fuel cell

My word.

There is a phone-charging fuel cell on Kickstarter, called Kraftwerk.

Looks like it comes from a comapny called eZelleron, a Fraunhofer Gesellschaft spin-off, and works from lighter gas – butane maybe?

Won’t there be water to tip out occasionally?

Ah ha, just found from the Kickstarter…

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Buy a posh HDMI cable?

I am still trying to have a go with Imaginations Technology’s response to Raspberry Pi: the MIPS (rather than ARM)-based Creator CI20.

Each time I try, I find one more piece of the jigsaw missing.

This time, it was the HDMI cable – the thing in a bag I…

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Component video?

Oh I need to catch up.

As someone without a TV, I have not had to deal with connecting DVD players and such like for a long time.

Before the end of last week, I could recognise Scart, HDMI, and even s-video connections, and even say ‘composite video’ and…

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