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That photo-relay thing again

Have I mentioned a have a soft-spot for photo-relays?

Here is another one – the tiny (2.45 x 1.45 x 1.30mm) G3VM-21UR1/10/11 from Omron handles 20V and 1A, with an on-resistance of 180mΩ (220mΩ max) at a forward current of 5mA though…

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Nice cut-away drawing

Linear Technology has introduced LMT4632, a mini 3Aout 20Vin regulator – only 1.8mm tall, for PCIe, ATCA, microTCA Cards and the back of pcbs.

Most importantly for me, there was a nice cut-away drawing on the accompanying slide presentaion – which is clickable above.

I have been a little naughty…

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bi-directional dc-dc is interesting

I thought I had been very clever recently, when trying to think how to back-up a dc power rail, by combining a buck and a boost converter.

It transpires trhat I had sort of been clever, but not original, as I now know Linear Tech makes a chip/module…

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Interesting Raspberry Pi – Creator CI20 comparison

Trusted Reviews has taken a look at Imagination Technologies Creator CI20 and compared it to Raspberry Pi.

It is worth a read.

Very fairly, it comes to the conclusion that you pay twice as much and get twice as much.

And also fairly, the reviewer emphasises that Raspberry Pi is…

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Return of elegant datasheets

OM5448 from Henderson Semiconductors is a simple little LED driver chip that boost 1V up to feed 20mA into an LED.

The delightful thing is, that this Australian firm has written such a readable data sheet.

It is full off interesting asides – such as how to get 1V operation when…

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Someone tries a Banana Pi

Banana Pi is a souped-up Raspberry Pi clone.

It is not quite compatible with the original, but it looks like it can be made to do useful things.

There is an informative look at Banana Pi here – spotted while I was reading about some excellent modifications to a Sieg…

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I met EW’s ‘Rising star new engineer of the year’

I attended Electronics Weekly’s Elektra Awards last night and sat next to the graduate who won Rising Star New Engineer of the Year – Daniel Marshall.

What an impressive, enthusiastic, and nice guy.

For me, the impressive bit is that he didn’t actually do an electronic engineering degree at…

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TI spice is not so easy

Having tried the excellent LTspice from Linear Technology, I thought I would give Texas Instrument’s simulation tool a go.

It seems to be based in TINA – which comes from Budapest.

However, not only did I have to sign up to be a fan of TI, but also had to…

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LED flasher actually flashes

Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised, the led flasher modelled in LTspice works, just about as intended – nice crisp flashes at about the right rate.

Seeing as everything is relying on Vbes and Vfs, the timings of the real thing are pretty similar to the model – the scope trace is…

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LED flasher 3 (6!)

Much like kids get addicted to video games, I find time dilating as I mess around with ideas for a ‘simple’ LED flasher using Linear Tech’s free version of spice – LTspice – as recommended by Steve Kurt.

Note: here is a breadboard version.

And now I have led flasher version…

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