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A bit more industrial heritage

Looking like it was about as modern as waterwheels ever got – it is an over-shot iron or steel design with a shaft driving a dual-piston pump through a wide roller chain.

Although the reservoir overflow looks like it leads off to day light, as far as I could…

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Getting somewhere with PartSim

Having had some some issues with my first attempt at PartSim, I had a go at simulating the same circuit in LTspice.

The components are the nearest equivalents I could find quickly.

Both plots are with 10ms max step size – although I am now thinking that 0.01 step size…

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What am I doing wrong with PartSim?

I am toying with ordering some LEDs and, while checking availability on Digi-Key’s site, came across another free simulator.

So I put my flasher circuit into it, and after some fiddling, this is what emerged.

Update: better results two days later

For drawing the schematic, it is easier…

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ARM laptops are back

A long time ago I bought a Toshiba ARM netbook, and AC100, and it was very good except for some teething problems and Toshiba’s decision to stop supporting it almost as soon as it was introduced.

It had great battery life, weighed very little, great (10in) screen for its…

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Legendary loudspeakers in the conservatory

I was invited into someone’s house over the weekend, and in the floor of the conservatory were some curious-looking loudspeakers – cylindrical in shape.

Knowing that the person who bought them, now sadly deceased, was a hi-fi buff I googled the number on the bottom ( JR149) and discovered…

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Useful GaN power information

Texas Instruments has put up a few useful white papers on GaN power.

One called A comprehensive methodology to qualify the reliability of GaN products includes a number of reality checks.

For example, this sentence is in there:

“…there is concern that GaN is not avalanche robust. That is to…

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Everything is going to be alright

No need to panic that young people only want to go into PR and reality TV.

It’s all going to be alright

A new generation of engineers is on the way, and I got to meet some of the best.

… and they really are good.

This all happened at…

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UK mobility scooter is well made

I was asked to change a control on the handlebars of a mobility scooter.

It is a ‘TWS’ model from UK scooter firm Tramper.

Both designed and made in the UK, it has two-wheel drive through twin motors and a microcontroller system.

Having taken apart motorcycle handlebar controls before…

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Agile power supply teaches electronics

An interesting thing arrived in the post from distributor Farnell, and is available from other distributers too.

Made by Analog Devices, it is:

A very agile power supply for developing circuits
An oscilloscope
A teaching aid
A lesson in fast analogue design
A showcase for some nifty ADI products.


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Help me turn a GPS plot into a map

Each year I help set out the safety signs for a running race.

And the race referee has asked us to make a formal map of the sign positions.

Now, there are over 100 signs and plotting these by hand on a map has proved impossible – for various reasons.


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