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Fingers crossed for long wavelength LEDs

Having made a few things containing leds, it has always been nice to have an easy supply of light sources that do not affect night vision – for example, illuminating a scrolling map box for long-distance off-road motorcycle racing (in those pre-GPS days), and the dashboard of a…

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LED flasher circuit

With cycling safety in mind, I bought a pair of low power red LED things that replace the bungs in the end of drop handlebars.

They are a neat way to get a bit of extra visibility – and to give a bicycle some visual width, I assume.

Sadly, the ones…

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Neat log current source

I take my hat off to engineers that know transistors in every intimate detail.

The other day, searching for something else completely, I came across Nat Semi (now TI) document LB-38 ‘Wide range timer’.

It times from 2ms to 2,000s using a single potentiometer – a million to one…

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Digital audio amplification [Updated]

I can’t believe it.

Good Class-D amplifiers are nothing like as expensive as I would have guessed.

Topping, for example, seems to have quite a good name, and you can buy a 15+15W one for under £50 – the T20.

And it seems to be over 80% efficient…

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Getting to sleep at night despite technology

A wise friend of mine once pointed out that drinking too much coffee doesn’t necessarily stop you going to sleep.

What it can do, is stop you getting back to sleep if you wake up for some reason in the early morning – to have a pee for example.


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Tiny 3-axis robot – update

It turns out I can say more.

A representitive for Piccolo just phoned me up and said a bunch of stuff.

It seems this intriguing I have just been told Piccolo is open-source and was created by Diatom Studio in London, an is described as : “designed as a fun…

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Tiny 3-axis robot

What more can I say.

Piccolo is a tiny self-assembly three axis robot.

Check it out.

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SiC webinar

I have no idea what it will be like, or how much personal data you will have to give away to get access, but Cree has a SiC power webinar tomorrow – ‘Achieving high power density using Cree silicon carbide devices’.

11:00am EST on Wednesday, September 24, 2014 (~60 minutes…

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Hydraulic rams

I was walking across a mountainside in Italy and came across a beautiful clear spring and, at the same time, a clip-clopping sound.

A bunch of things dropped into place and I remembered a Victorian water pumping machine called a ‘hydraulic ram’ – not to be confused with the things…

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Hats off to Motorola for smartwatch

I cannot get too excited about smart watches.

But I did get excited when I saw Motorola’s new Moto 360 smart watch.

It has a round screen for heaven’s sake, with virtually no bezel.

How did those guys get the connections around the edge of the glass from…

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