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Tiny 3-axis robot

What more can I say.

Piccolo is a tiny self-assembly three axis robot.

Check it out.

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SiC webinar

I have no idea what it will be like, or how much personal data you will have to give away to get access, but Cree has a SiC power webinar tomorrow – ‘Achieving high power density using Cree silicon carbide devices’.

11:00am EST on Wednesday, September 24, 2014 (~60 minutes…

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Hydraulic rams

I was walking across a mountainside in Italy and came across a beautiful clear spring and, at the same time, a clip-clopping sound.

A bunch of things dropped into place and I remembered a Victorian water pumping machine called a ‘hydraulic ram’ – not to be confused with the things…

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Hats off to Motorola for smartwatch

I cannot get too excited about smart watches.

But I did get excited when I saw Motorola’s new Moto 360 smart watch.

It has a round screen for heaven’s sake, with virtually no bezel.

How did those guys get the connections around the edge of the glass from…

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Imagination’s interesting MIPS-based Raspberry Pi competitor

This week Imagination Technologies (owners of MIPS) announced a MIPS-based educational computer (MIPS Creator C120) that it is very much pitching against Raspberry Pi.

This is clearly a very capable board, with a dual-core 1.2GHz MIPS microcontroller.

I am a bit torn on which is best for…

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I have a soft spot for photovoltaic couplers

Ever needed an isolated mosfet gate drive without too much fuss?

I have, more than once.

And had to build an oscillator, wind a little transformer, and put a rectifier and capacitor on the output.

More fuss than I wanted. But ok for the undemanding occasional on-off action required…

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Fridge freezer conundrum

I am likely to by a fridge/freezer in the near future.

And, reading around, I discovered that fridge/freezers with poor thermostats get colder inside when the weather is warmer, and warmer inside when the weather is cooler.

Can this be true?

How, and why not get colder inside…

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How do you design a dust sensor

I have just had a ‘why didn’t I think of that’ moment.

Samsung’s VC21F50UKGC vacuum cleaner has a dust detector that indicates if there is much dust going up the pipe – to alert the user they are over a particularly dusty bit.

What an nice idea, and..

.. I…

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Book: Graphics touch sound and USB on PICs

I have not read this book, but a friend of Electronics Weekly said the author is a nice guy.

It is called ‘Graphics, Touch, Sound and USB: User Interface Design for Embedded Applications’, and uses practical examples.

So, if you want to know about interfacing complex perpherals to microcontrollers, this…

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