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Most read Gadget Master posts in January

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The new year is already getting older, January has already sped away from us. But let’s cling on a bit longer and see – by the power of Google Analytics – what clicked on Gadget Master in the month just gone.

A control nOb for all your devices


Sometimes the old and trusted interfaces are best. How about a good old-fashioned dial to exactly control your input to your work? Anything you can control with your mouse or cursor, that is.

Big Bang Data throws Transparency Grenade

Transparancy Grenade

Maybe one to interest Gadget Masters – an artistic look at Big Data and some of the lesser-spotted technology behind it. The Big Bang Data exhibition is just beginning at Somerset House. “Artists, designers and innovators show how the data explosion is transforming our world.” I’m always up for a bit of culture, so it was interesting to see the ...