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A Wi-Fi connected smart doorbell

smart doorbell ring

Interesting. ‘Ring‘ is a camera-equipped doorbell button that connects to a home Wi-Fi system in response to its built-in motion sensors.

Evaporation power drives mini vehicle


Check this one out. Scientists at New York’s Columbia University have discovered a way to use water evaporation as a source of energy to generate electricity.

Google Cardboard VR kits jump into panoramic video

Google Cardboard VR Jump rig

Google’s lo-fi Cardboard VR kit always causes me do a double-take. Is it really for real? Of course, it is, as numerous developments have shown (see Build your own Google cardboard virtual reality headset and Google makes new folds in Cardboard virtual reality, for example). Indeed, the search giant has already shipped 500,000 units.

Computer components transform into beautiful insects


When art meet technology the results can be interesting, or – in this case – very beautiful. Do take five minutes to look at the creations of Portsmouth-based artist Julie Alice Chappell. Okay, first things first, these components transformed into beautiful insects are not disguised micro-drones or in any way working pieces of electronics. They wouldn’t work in simulation, as it ...