An Engineer in Wonderland – A bag for explosions

liposafebag.jpgLithium ion and lithium polymer cells are wonderful, because they store lots of energy and don’t weigh very much.

But as pointed out in Electronics Weekly more than once: if abused, they can bite back.

Over-heating, over-charging, over-discharging, penetration, crushing, and probably just being Tuesday can turn them into a fire ball in a second or so.

I remember someone on a caving discussion forum declaring that he had made a head lamp and its lithium polymer cells resided inside his caving helmet….

….. it doesn’t bear thinking about.

Anyway, came across something that might interest those who need to experiment with lithium polymer cells.

It is called Liposack and, if the video is to be believed, it can mitigate the effects of a lithium polymer cell fire.

The early part of the video should be compulsory viewing to anyone thinking of experimenting with lithium polymer cells, or thinking of stuffing them inside their crash helmet.


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