An Engineer in Wonderland – bikes and loo brushes

cc-old-bicycles.jpg Generally I am amazed at how good stuff is. For example, this weekend I spent a couple of hours fixing up a friend’s cheap bicycle. It must have cost under £200, had been left out in the rain, and wasn’t working too well. With a few careful squirts of oil, and a bit of spanner work, it was a proper bike. Not a thoroughbred, but a vastly better bike than one you would have bought 20 years ago for a similar inflation-adjusted sum.

But sensible engineering seems to be ebbing away from some products. And loo brushes appear to be in the getting worse bracket. Not that I am a connoisseur of these things, but I need a new one. What I want is something like how I remember loo brushes – big toothbrushes with a bit of a backward bend in the bristle area – a good shape for giving the U-bend a good clean up. What I find in the shops is cheap – a couple of quid – but more of a giant stiff dandelion. A symmetrical solution to an asymmetric orifice. Moulded with spindly brittle handles that snap when the user attempts to ram the thing around the aforementioned bend. Not that I have done that of course… And don’t get me started on holders that fill up with water and don’t allow the brush to dry. Anyway – does anyone know where I can get a nice bent loo brush? ‘Alice’ (Picture – General Wesc, under Creative Commons Attribution Licence)

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  1. Auntie G
    April 14, 2008 14:19

    I could not agree with you more over the loo brush issue, as an engineer the way in which ‘things’ are made is important. Now I would suggest that you try looking in Habitat – or possibly Ikea, although I believe the former to be better in the loo brush department! ……Auntie G

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