An Engineer in Wonderland – Greenbird

greenbird2.jpgTurns out that Her Majesty’s subjects have broken yet another land speed record – this time the wind powered one – in a rather nice looking vehicle.

From the press release:

On the morning of March 26th, on the dry Lake Ivanpah, the Ecotricity Greenbird driven by British engineer, Richard Jenkins smashed the world land speed record for wind powered vehicles.

The Greenbird clocked 126.1 mph (202.9 km/h), eclipsing the old, American held, record of 116 mph , set by Bob Schumacher in the Iron Duck in March 1999 at the same location.

It also looks like the same team is going to try it on ice.

Good luck gentlefolk


Ps, there is a bit more information here.

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