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This is the fourth occasion where the TCE2001 set-top aerial from Telcam has worked for someone I know.

This time it was for Electronics Weekly‘s bon vivant David Manners, and he was so grateful that he bough me a bottle of Champagne.

Good man.

I first came across the aerial in a Which report and, while I am not claiming it to be a miracle product, it does seem to be a proper broadband log-periodic design that pulls in digital TV signals where there is a good signal. And there is an optional amplifier in the box as well.

In my experience so far, it gets more DTV signal than existing loft aerials in my area, which I assume are narrowband and tuned to the wrong part of the spectrum.

Of the four, I installed two of them, both on digitally-enabled TVs rather than digital set-top boxes.

What I found frustrating was that neither TV had an aerial set-up mode.

Even on its two line LCD, My DAB radio can be switched to give me a percentage signal quality display.

It cannot be beyond the wit of TV designers in this digital era to produce a live histogram of signal level in the various multiplexes to aid my otherwise random pointing experiments.

It is entirely possible that I have been unlucky and come across the only two TVs without such displays.

I note that Maplin sells a signal level meter for under £15 which is a good price if it works well, but surely the function should be built in?


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