An Engineer in Wonderland – LTM8020 and soldering frustration

01apr09solderinghell.jpg I came across the LTM8020 dc-dc buck converter and thought it would be ideal for charging the Mark V bike light Li-ion battery.

The 4 to 36V input range is great, and it has an adjustable 1.25 to 5V output – suitable for my preferred 4.0V charging voltage.

There is an application circuit for charging batteries.

The 200mA current limit suits my purpose.

And the inductor and switches are on the chip – or at least in the package.

Alas and alack, the package is a 6x6mm pad grid array and therefore completely beyond my limited soldering skills.

Oh well.


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  1. 'Alice'
    April 15, 2009 14:07

    Thanks for that lot.
    I had not come across the toaster oven thing before.
    If I can find time, I will look into that.
    And on the subject of time, I shall also view the Linear Tech video when I have some.
    I tried to dip in and out of it, but only the pause control worked with my computer.
    The jump and other navigation clicks stubbornly refused to do anything.

  2. Satish
    April 14, 2009 12:02

    This is best Device , some tips to LGA Package soldering.. AN100. AN114 & AN116 may help you a lot
    Satish K, Arrow Electronics

  3. April 01, 2009 16:09

    Talking of toasters, Ken, check out – Testing circuits with toasters

  4. Ken Termie
    March 26, 2009 12:17

    Looks like a case for a toaster oven. If you Google for SMD Toaster Oven you will find plenty examples of people using this to solder BGA’s. OK, a bit rough compared to the temp profiles used by the expensive kit, but it works. Don’t forget the flux !.
    Cheers Ken

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