An Engineer in Wonderland – portable toilets

portable-toilets.jpgThere is something wonderful about portable toilets.

Not only because they are the difference between privacy and bearing your bum in public, but because the construction is so neat.

There are a few simple plastic mouldings, which I assume are vacuum or pressure formed from flat sheets on a single-side mould.

Then there are pop rivets

A few bent bits of metal for fittings

A hand pump

And that is about it. You have a loo.

Except that for the price of a few more mouldings they seem to be sprouting wash basins and other reassuring comforts.

I did have a Google to see if I could find out who invented them and the nearest I got was a US company called Satellite in 1972, but the wording is a bit vague.

Any thoughts?


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(Picture - NOJHF_potties01 by Witty Name, under Creative Commons Attribution licence)

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