An Engineer in Wonderland – Look what Santa* brought me

blog-200.jpgSome nice people at Cree (*ok, not Santa) spotted my non-too-successful attempt to make a useful +/-4° LED headlight recently and took pity on me.

Apparently the guys in the lab had a hunt around, and the result was that a box of bits dropped onto the Electronics Weekly tech desk, which will soon be making its way to the workshop tucked away behind Alice Towers.

So next time I can find the time, I will be trying to make a headlamp from a Gaggione LLC05N optic (left in the photo) and a 6,500K R5 bin Cree XP-G LED (also on the left).

The other parts are a Gaggione LLC07N, and an XP-E should the beam from the XP-G still prove too wide.

The black thing is a holder that specifically matches the LLC05N to an XP-G.

By the way, I have quite a few LLC07Ns at home already (or something very much like it) as this was one of the first proper collimators available for power leds – when it produced a healthy +/-3° beam from the venerable 1W Lumileds Luxeon Star and 3W Luxeon III.



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